Children's Ministries -- Sunday Mornings

We are so excited for your child(ren) to join us on Sunday mornings!

Please take time to read the guidelines below:

We are doing our part to provide a clean and healthy environment, though it is a team effort! Some things parents can do to help:

  • Please, if you child shows any symptoms of illness, keep them home. We will look forward to seeing them when they are well!
  • If possible, have only one parent (preferably the same parent) drop off and pick up your child on Sunday mornings. This will help limit foot traffic and the number of people gathered at classroom entrances and exits before and after the service.
  • Please have your child wash their hands before and after they attend class.
We know returning isn't for everyone just yet and that's ok! You can access this week's children's ministries resources by clicking the link below:
Children's Ministries Resources


 Children's Ministries August 2021 Newsletter


A well-staffed nursery is available for infants through toddlers during our morning services. Preschool (ages 2-5) and Kindergarten children's programming is available during morning services as well. Programming for grades 1-6 is available during the 9:30am service.

Here's a look at the curriculum focus for our children:

Pre-K & Kindergarten: Lays a biblical foundation in the lives of our little ones through Bible stories from throughout the Old and New Testaments.

During the 9:30am hour:

  • Grades 1-4: Children work chronologically through the Bible and see the gospel unfold from Genesis
    to Revelation.
  • Grades 5-6: Students study how the Bible applies to everyday issues as they solidify a biblical worldview.

For children between birth and Kindergarten, you will be given a pick up tag when you drop off your child that coordinates with your child’s name tag. You will return this pick up tag when you come to pick up your child from his or her classroom.

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