Adult Bible Fellowships

What is an "Adult Bible Fellowship"?

You will see and hear the term "Adult Bible Fellowship" or "ABF" a lot.  

Adult Bible Fellowships are a place for people of our larger congregation to connect with other believers in smaller groups (20-50 people). ABFs help connect our hearts to one another while we grow closer to God. 


ABFs help each of us connect with God and friends. They make the bigger church feel smaller. If you are newer to the church, ABF is the perfect "next step."


Every ABF is led by an elder of the church who knows God's Word and is shepherding each person to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ.


ABFs provide the opportunity to serve each other, be equipped to share our faith, and even serve the Sheboygan community. Together.


How Do ABFs work? 

ABFs are loosely organized around life stages.  You don't have to be a certain age to be in a particular ABF.  In fact, we have found that some younger people want to be connected with the older and wiser; some older people desire to connect with the younger.  In fact, we encourage that!  

But we did have to find some way to organize these groups.  Our philosophy is that, generally speaking, life stage is an efficient and helpful way to accomplish the task.  One of the core realities that God calls us to is marriage and family, and coaching in following Christ in this pursuit is timely and benficial.  Of course, every ABF has single adults and single parents.  

As you read through the ABF descriptions, we think you will find one that is right for you!


How do I join an ABF?

Included with the descriptions of each ABF is a schedule of where and when that group meets.  There are multiple ways to "join."


On the ABF's description page is an email link to an ABF Leadership Team Member who will be glad to answer all your questions about that particular ABF. This is a great way to get information about an ABF before you ever visit.  

Phone calls.

If you would like to speak to someone about ABFs, the best place to start is the church office.  Just give us a call during regular business hours (920.452.6520).  You may want to talk with Kay Runge (our ABF Administrative Assistant) or Pastor Jon MacDonald (our ABF Pastoral overseer).  

Just show up.

We know that sounds scary.  The people of each group are looking for, waiting for, even praying for people to come and visit and join their flock.  This is the most popular means people use for getting connected with an Adult Bible Fellowship.  

We will have coffee, refreshments and friends ready to greet you in any ABF you choose to visit.  It's really true!  You are invited.  

Sunday mornings at 9:30am 

  • Young Adults
  • Common Ground
  • Stepping Stones
  • Ambassadors
  • Harvesters
  • Psalmists

Sunday mornings at 11am

  • The Mix

Bible with coffee