Life Groups

Life Groups CARE for one another (learning to love)

Life Groups SHARE Christ together (growing in Christ)

Life Groups PRAY together (seeking God's face)


Life Groups are meant for Christ-following adults (single or married) who want to grow in their love for, and obedience to, Christ Jesus. You do not have to attend an Adult Bible Fellowship to participate.


Life-sharing Groups of 8-12 people that meet in homes twice per month during the school year for the purpose of growing in Christ by discussing the Sunday morning sermon and prayerfully applying it to our lives.


Life Groups will begin meeting in September and will meet twice per month throughout the school year. Please contact the church office if you're interested in joining a Life Group!


Q: What is the difference between a "Small Group," a "Care Group," and a "Life Group"?   A: Nothing. We just want to emphasize that the aim of our groups is to focus on "Sharing life in Christ," or discipleship.

Q: I am already in a "Care Group." Should I sign-up for a Life Group? A: No. We intend to call all of our groups "Life Groups." If you are in a Care Group, you are already sharing life together.