Adult Ministries

The best way to begin to get connected with people at our church is to visit us on Sunday mornings!  



We believe that worship is much more than just singing.  When we come together on Sunday mornings we are obeying God, learning Scripture and encouraging each other (Hebrews 10:22-25).  

We are passionately committed to the authority of the Word of God.  We teach the Bible, verse-by-verse, each and every week.  Feel free to listen in to recent messages to get a feel for our weekly plan for multiplying committed followers of Jesus Christ.


Friends sometimes come and go.  What makes true "community"?  Or, "How can we possibly say, 'Lifetime Friends'?"  

We are not a group of people who have decided to love each other and follow Jesus Christ together.  If "community" is based on shared experiences, human effort and a common meeting place, we will always disappoint each other.  Always.

Instead, we are a group of people following Jesus Christ together, and because of that, we love each other.  When we treasure Christ above all else, we begin to attain "community" with others who have committed themselves to him.  We believe this is the essence of lifetime friends and community:  treasuring and following Christ together.  And you are invited!



One by-product of having our community rooted in Christ is the reality of being an intergenerational church.  You will find an amazing balance of Senior Saints and new babies being born (and adopted) into this congregation.  We are growing both in the number of people who have been here for 12 months and in the number of people who have been here for 12 years.



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