Equip Fall 2020

Sunday morning electives designed to build up the body of Christ. (Eph. 4:12)

Equip meets on Sunday mornings at 9:30am. We want to "Equip" you to be strong in your love for Jesus Christ, to lead in your own home, and to reach out to neighbors with the love of God. The Equip title is based on Ephesians 4:11-16, especially verse 12 which says, "to equip the saints for the work of the ministry, for building up the body of Christ”.

Equip topics will be varied and timely: We will learn about the foundations of Christian discipleship, how to build a Christian home, how to apply the Sunday morning sermon to our lives and how to engage the world around us in conversations about Jesus Christ. The goal of Equip will be to equip followers of Jesus Christ to show others how to follow Jesus, too.

Equip is relational: There will be opportunities to meet new friends and to enjoy fellowship at the beginning and end of each session. We encourage you to talk to a friend, pray about which class will help you the most, and jump in together!

Equip is intergenerational, and we offer excellent options for everyone in the family.

Equip series are short: Every Equip series starts on the same Sunday and will generally last 5 weeks. We hope you will jump right in, especially if you have never been a part of Sunday morning options.


Join as we begin our next Equip series starting Sunday, September 6! Two 5-week options will be offered:

This We Believe, 9:30am

As the title suggests, this class explains everything you need know about what we believe as a church.  This class is a requirement for anyone wishing to pursue membership with the church.

 Revive Us Again, 9:30am

It only takes a look at the evening news for us to realize that there is much wrong with this world.  Sins such as greed, violence, and corruption are rife in all sections of our society.  Christians are becoming at best an irrelevance and at worse a persecuted minority.  So what's the answer?

Join us as Dr. Walt Kaiser reveals spiritual principles inherent in the great awakenings of the Bible and shows us how to prepare the way for revival today.  Not a foot-stomping, soul-saving series of meetings, but an individual believer's refocusing on God as the center of life. 

Below are links to the previous weeks' teachings by Dr. Kaiser.


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