Hope for the Journey Simulcast

Hope for the Journey Simulcast

Friday, April 09, 2021, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Location: MultiPurpose Room, 1710 N. 15th St., Sheboygan, WI US 53081

The Hope for the Journey Live Simulcast will be held in our Multi-Purpose Room on Friday, April 9 from 9am-5pm at a cost of $10 per person. The aim of this one day conference is to equip parents and caregivers meeting the everyday needs of children impacted by adoption and foster care. Special guests at the conference include Show Hope Founders, Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman, along with Executive Director, Emily Chapman Richards. Long-time affiliate organizations and partners, including the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at TCU and Empowered to Connect, will also share teaching, insight, and practical applications.

This schedule includes five high-level learning modules based on the foundational principles of TBRI (Trust-Based Relational Intervention) along with a new teaching component, The Gospel + TBRI. Embedded within each learning module will be a Going Deeper teaching video on a select topic. There will also be two encouraging Practical Perspectives videos featuring the voices of adult adoptees as well as adoptive and foster families.  Each attendee will be given a workbook.

Learning Module 1: An Introduction to Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI)
Going Deeper topic to include the importance of understanding ACES

Learning Module 2: Connecting Principles
Going Deeper topic to explore biological and adoptive sibling dynamics

Learning Module 3: Empowering Principles
Going Deeper topic to unpack the need to acknowledge one’s own limitations and implement self care strategies as a care provider

Learning Module 4: Correcting Principles
Going Deeper topic to discuss the challenges to and importance of finding rhythms to promote unity as parents during the day-to-day

Learning Modules 5: TBRI and the Gospel 
Going Deeper topic to discuss the relational nature of God & the incarnation of Jesus as foundational cornerstones informing the efficacy of TBRI

Registrants have the option of in-person or digital attendance.  (The first 30 people registered for digital attendance can do so at the $10 rate mentioned above. If more than 30 are wanting to attend digitally, they will need to register at a $19 rate.) Registrations should be submitted to the church office, Attention: Yvonne M.

Certificates of completion will be available for adoptive and foster care families to submit to their respective agencies. Unlike past years, however, professional continuing education will not be offered through Show Hope, but hosts will be able to submit information for approval with local or state accreditation organizations.

For more details, contact the church office.


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