Master Plan

Our Master Plan is a vision for our building and ministries for the future, transforming our space to aid in our ability to minister to Sheboygan County and the world. The facility is a tool we use to serve and minister to people, and this is an opportunity to make significant improvements to that tool as we address five key facility elements. As we address these facility needs, we will truly see our building help us build God’s kingdom and serve Sheboygan County better.

We love to celebrate what God has done in our lives as individuals and as a church family. Lee and Heidi have been a part of our family for a long time and bring testimony of God's faithfulness and anticipation of what He will continue to do in our church. Check out their story!


What will Phase 2 include?

Because we have successfully maximized our parking lot with the completion of the west parking lot, Phase 2 will include:

  • Welcome Center, including a new elevator, coffee nook,  new men’s and women’s restrooms, the addition of a family restroom and the relocation of the library as a flexible ministry room.
  • Secure Children’s Ministry, including a kids check in, accessible from the front lobby, secure entrance and exits and refresh of ministry rooms for our kids
What are the priorities of the Master Plan team in Phase 2?

The team worked strategically to choose a Phase 2 scale that accomplishes the following:

  • Opens our welcome space to increase fellowship and connection
  • Increase safety for our kids
  • Construction that doesn’t create wasted cost (unnecessary “extra work” that will be redone with future phases).
  • Move with financial discernment, including gratefulness for what He has provided, and faith for what He will provide through the generosity of our congregation.

Phase 2 Scope PDF

FAQ’s about the Master Plan: 

Is a multiple phase approach going to increase the cost in the long run?

This phase of the Master Plan will not significantly impact the overall cost because of the value engineering that has been applied. Thanks to the hard work of the Master Plan team, we’ve worked to make sure that the phase scope will accomplish as much of the plan as possible, without creating temporary fixes or shortcuts. 

What is our project cost in comparison to similar construction projects?

The estimate for our Master Plan is very much in line with other similar Sheboygan projects, like the Lutheran High School project working on a similar sized auditorium and similar renovated spaces with total project costs estimated at $10 million, and a new Sheboygan City Hall renovation (includes a new HVAC system, new windows, a new elevator, a new roof, new flooring, and tuck pointing) for $10.5 million. While this phase is a portion of the entire plan, we believe we are incredibly conservative in our costs for this project. 

What’s the balance of want vs. need?

This has been a continued conversation in every decision for this plan. We NEED a new elevator, a secure children's wing, more parking, larger gathering space, and more. We WANT to maximize our storage, our ability to continue congregating after services, remove the confusion of our entrances and hallways for guests, and a space that we can  use for years to come. It's a continual balance, with financial stewardship in mind, that the entire congregation has helped to create.

Do we really have to demolish instead of using what we have?

A short walk into our building will show that our building is a result of many years of creativity, quick fixes, and trying to make the "best" out of a complicated building. We are working hard to demolish as little as possible. This project includes areas of complete renovation that is well overdue. While we won't be demoing a majority of the building, we have thought long and hard about how to use what we have and create new in a cost-effective manner. 

What have been the channels of communication and feedback for the Master Plan?

We thank the many of you who have been brought in on a technical side to provide value engineering, those who have asked questions, raised concerns, and engaged in dialogue in multiple listening sessions and via  over the past 3 years, and those who have talked to the MP team, Elders and Deacons, and leadership about this project. This input has been key as the plan developed and adjustments have been made based on the feedback of the congregation. Drawings and ideas from the congregation have been submitted to our design firm, Sation19, to be considered. The Master Plan created is a result of many, many voices over an extensive amount of time. The Master Plan team has served to correlate, listen, evaluate cost savings and usage considerations, and provide value engineering to the entire process. If you haven't felt heard in this process or have questions or concerns, please continue to reach out to . As we move forward, there will be many more ways we will need your engagement and help. Stay tuned!

Are there less costly means to accomplish the goal?

The team has worked hard and involved many, many voices to address how to keep costs low. However, we also believe that we are creating a building that is not just for today, but for generations to come. There are elements we have chosen that create a beautiful, welcoming space for the future, including elements that will enhance our sound systems and technology, our visibility to the community, and more. 

Are we just trying to get a fancy building?

No. We are addressing our key facility needs with an up-to-date design in a way that will effectively facilitate ministry in a variety of areas. We are a body of believers, not a building, but our building is a key tool that we will use to facilitate our call as a church for years to come.

Is there unity behind this project?

It is not the intention of the Master Plan team or church leadership to fast track, move forward without unity, or not include the voices. We believe that we have honored this intention by hosting listening sessions, communicating often, sharing the process and timeline of this project (spanning back to the 2000's - check out the timeline), getting materials and information into the hands of our congregation, and requiring a vote to move forward. Leadership is unified, and the feedback from our congregation has been overwhelmingly positive. One way this is evidenced is by the speedy and generous response of our church to the REACH campaign. This is key and critical to the future of this project. 


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