Student Disciple Apprenticeship

This apprenticeship is a gender-specific group comprised of 2-4 high school students who commit to meeting on a weekly basis for one year with a mature, adult disciple of Jesus. The purpose of this is to learn how to walk faithfully with Jesus Christ for the glory of God so that they may go and do the same for others.

These meetings are intentional and contain higher levels of accountability. Jesus intentionally invested in the spiritual growth of the twelve disciples over a lengthy period of time, as He not only taught them the Scriptures, but also modeled how to live as the Son of God in a broken world. And so, like Jesus, we want students to receive this form of intentional discipleship so that they may also go out and make an eternal difference for the glory of God. 

Students must submit an application to be accepted into this program. Contact the church office for an application packet. 


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