It's Graduation Time!

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As graduation season is upon us, check out these books offered in our church library for those preparing for college and their parents:
For the college student...
  • Thriving at College, by Alex Chediak, helps you (the student) "discover the secrets to making the most of your college years. Avoid the most common mistakes of living out of balance, idolizing the opposite sex, and chucking your faith and find out how to grow closer to God, find great friends, and choose the right major."
For the parents of the college student...
  • Preparing Your Teens for College, by Alex Chediak, addresses questions such as "Will my teens' faith be strong enough to withstand the tests of college? Will they focus on their studies or squander their free time? Will they form healthy friendships or join the wrong crowd? At a time when college has never been more expensive, too many of our children are failing. What makes the difference? Character, a strong faith, and a willingness to delay gratification. And where are those traits learned? Ideally, at home.