Sex & Money: Pleasures That Leave You Empty and Grace That Satisfies

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Review of Sex & Money: Pleasures That Leave You Empty and Grace That Satisfies by Paul David Tripp

Our world is obsessed with chasing after pleasure, and most of us are looking for it in the wrong places. Much of this madness is tied up in our quest for and perversion of sex and money in a fallen world. In the midst of the chaos, pastor and counselor Paul Tripp offers a refreshing glimpse into where true and lasting pleasure can be found.

Sex & Money examines our heart condition of idolatry in chasing after these things to give us what only God can provide. The book is profoundly gospel-centered, offering much needed clarity and instruction on the power of the gospel to bring transformation to all of life―especially in the mess we've made out of sexuality and earthly wealth. These are both good and honorable things (created by God), but we quickly twist and distort them when we turn them into the ultimate things driving our lives.

Through the lens of the gospel and a biblical worldview, Tripp shows us how both sex and money become good and beautiful things when they are put into the right categories and places in our lives: gifts to be stewarded from the great Giver, who alone can offer us the ultimate fulfillment and meaning we desire. Highly recommended. 

Book review by Pastor Bennett Anderson