Youth Group

Youth Group on Wednesday evenings is from 6:30-8pm and is a similar format to a Sunday morning worship service. We come together to fellowship, praise, and hear preaching and teaching from God's Word. Following the message, we divide into age and gender-specific small groups led by a godly adult leader to pray and discuss the teaching. 

These evening gatherings minister the Word to hungry souls, and serve as a context that addresses the spiritual condition of both unbelievers and believers. We aim to both evangelize the lost and equip the found with God's Word. 

In addition, Youth Group provides the opportunity for us to send students off to exercise their spiritual gifts, whether it is welcoming new students, serving dinner, conducting worship or co-leading a small group. 

We are currently studying a series called "The Teachings of Jesus." We will study all that Jesus commanded, so students know and obey His teachings. 

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