Speaker: Pastor Jon MacDonald

From Weeping To Joy

March 11, 2018

Sermon Notes: As God completes an epic turnaround, note the… 1. ...

But God Shows His Love

October 29, 2017

Those Justified by Faith Alone . . . Trust God's love, which has been put on...

These Three Agree

July 30, 2017

Three witnesses which agree (6-8) One more witness, especially for today...

Remain in the Son

April 02, 2017

With A Last Hour Perspective, Be bold about confessing that Jesus is the Christ...

Love Your Brother

February 26, 2017

1. What Is This "Commandment" John Writes About?      ...

Fellowship in the Light

January 29, 2017

Recognizing That God Is Light, Note . . . The Nature Of False Fellowship, Which Is...

A Spiritual Awakening

October 30, 2016

When God Brings Revival, 1. His Word will be central (1-8) Corporate desire for...