Psalms: Making the Connections

Nov 20, 2022 | Dr. Gary Hylander

Psalm 100: Gates of Thanksgiving

Psalms 100:1-5

Psalm 100 is the fitting conclusion to a collection of nine Psalms (Pss 92-100) which stress the truth that the LORD is King (Yahweh Malak). We have observed that these psalms are based upon 1 Chronicles 16, which describes the moment when the LORD’s throne was established in Jerusalem, as the ark of the covenant was brought into the city. Note in particular David’s song of thanksgiving in 1 Chronicles 16:8-36!

Psalm 100 is the classic psalm of thanksgiving. It is a summons for humankind to give praise to the LORD. When we connect verses 1 and 5, we realize that this psalm is addressed to all the earth and applies to all generations. Furthermore, when we connect verses 1-3 with verse 5, we can see that our focus in matters of thanksgiving is to be upon the LORD. So, as we approach Thanksgiving Day, let’s use this psalm as a means to prepare our hearts for the national holiday to be celebrated later this week.

As We Prepare Our Hearts To Offer Thanksgiving To Our LORD, Note...

• The Appeal God Makes To Us. (1-2)
• The Challenge God Issues To Us. (3)
• The Reasons God Gives To Us. (4-5)

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