Psalms: Making the Connections

May 01, 2022 | Pastor Jon MacDonald

Psalm 57: Another Dead-End Rescue

God has sovereignly anointed David as the next king of Israel, removing Saul from the post (1 Sam 16:12-14). Saul, aware that the Lord was with David in a special way (1 Sam 18:12; 20:31), was jealous and fearful of David, even while
David had “success in all his undertakings” (1 Sam 18:14). Saul “eyed” David (1 Sam 18:9) and wanted to kill him, and David knew it (1 Sam 18:11, 19:1-2).

Saul has now unknowingly cornered David in a cave (see 1 Sam 22 and 24), probably the cave at Engedi (1 Sam 24). But God has a way of working great reversals. When we feel trapped and forgotten, God is always at work. When there seems no earthly hope, God will show himself completely faithful. And when we are stuck at another dead end, David here shows us how to look up for help from God.

When forward motion toward promised outcomes is threatened by the ongoing and seemingly successful opposition of God’s enemies (and mine), the faithful servant of the Lord will...

1. Learn to pray. (1-5)

    a. Cry out to God for mercy. (1)
    b. Trust God’s timing. (1)
    c. Learn God’s purposes. (2)
    d. See God’s salvation and experience God’s love. (3-5)

2. Persist in praise. (6-11)

    a. Get very low. (6)
    b. Meditate. (7, and 5 & 11)
    c. First priority: Sing. (7-8)
    d. Thank God publicly. (9)

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