Why We Give

There are at least four reasons to give to the LORD through the local church.

First, for obedience. The Scriptures teach us that the inclination of our hearts is to give a tenth of income (Gen 14:17-20), and this inclination is then required in the Torah (Lev 27:30-34) and underscored by our Lord, Jesus Christ (Matthew 23:23). 

Second, for discipleship. God does not need earthly dollars, but wants his disciples to become like him. He is the ultimate Giver (James 1:17) and intends all his disciples to become givers--just like him. God indeed utilizes those dollars to bring his kingdom to fullness.

Third, for commitment. The local church is family, each of us devoted to the mission that Jesus has given us and to one another. We give a tenth (tithe) and above the tithe (gifts) because we are committed to reaching Sheboygan County and the world together. We are a part of something much bigger than ourselves when we are committed to one another in Jesus Christ through the tithe.   

Fourth, for joy. In 2 Corinthians 8 and 9, Paul writes that giving both increases our joy (8:1-3) and expresses our happiness (9:7). We should learn to give out of duty (see #1, above), but we continue to give and increase it out of joy! And God "loves a cheerful giver" in a special way. Give generously and watch your joy overflow! 

Ways To Give

Online via OSV HUB

Make a one-time or ongoing gift by clicking the link below. With an online account set up with your mobile number, you can also text (920) 523-4113 to give.

Give Now

Bank or Financial Institution: Personal Bill Pay

Set up personal bill pay through your financial institution for either a one-time or recurring gift. Sending money electronically is a fast, convenient, and secure way to give.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) allows your gifts to be transferred automatically weekly, twice per month, or monthly. 

Download Form

On Site or by Mail

Give during a church service using the offering box in the Worship Center or Multi-Purpose Room or by mail to:

Sheboygan eFree Church
1710 N. 15th St.
Sheboygan, WI 53081

Give Stocks or Other Non-Cash Assets

Sheboygan eFree has an account set up through Charles Schwab whereby stock donations can be given. Individuals who wish to give in this way should seek the assistance of a financial advisor or an HR representative at their workplace. For more information on the process, please contact our Treasurer, Larry Walston.

Please see the document below for more information on donating stocks and bonds.

Donating Stocks & Bonds

Being a Good Steward

Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University is a course on personal finance that guides individuals on how to be stewards of God's resources. This program will teach you how to establish a budget, build an emergency fund, pay off debts, plan for retirement, and more!

Please contact the church office to find out more.

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