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The Second Coming: Zechariah 12-14

Zechariah, whose name means Yahweh remembers, served as both prophet and priest during the post-exilic times. His ministry began around 520 B.C., coinciding with the work of Haggai. The book of Zechariah can be easily divided into two parts. Chapters 1-8 were most likely written at the start of Zechariah’s ministry, at about the age of 30. Chapters 9-14 were composed during the latter years of Zechariah’s life.

Chapters 9-14 are organized around the phrase the oracle of the word of the Lord, found in both 9:1 and 12:1. The word oracle needs to be understood as a burden that was placed upon Zechariah’s heart by God and now is being communicated to God’s people. Over the coming weeks, we will focus our attention upon the second burden, which pertains to the return of our Lord during Israel’s final conflict. Look for phrases and terms such as On that day and Jerusalem as we explore chapters 12 through 14 together.