Church Membership

The Bible is the foundation upon which we build our lives, and church membership is the mortar which holds the bricks together.

We desire that regular attenders become committed church members because your presence and participation in this church family is a high priority in your life in Jesus Christ. Members are committed, invested, and counted on for encouragement, support and Christian ministry.  When you are a member, you establish a voice in this church family toward current and future ministry and use your spiritual gifts to proclaim Jesus Christ here, with us.

If you are newer to eFree Family, we think you will benefit greatly from taking the Membership Class, even if you do not currently plan to become a member. 

Membership Classes

The Membership Class may take several different formats including 5 consecutive Sunday mornings, or consecutive evenings (5 consecutive Tuesday evenings, for instance), or may be a Saturday intensive where we hold the whole class in one day. 

Watch Sunday bulletins or Upcoming Events for the option which works best for you.  We usually hold 2-3 Membership Classes each year.