Foundations Discipleship

A One-On-One Place To Build Your Faith

“Discipleship” is a word that only Christians use, and it's crucial to understand.

If we are Jesus’ friends, we believe everything he says, do what he prescribes, and are willing to drop anything or everything to follow him. But if you are like most of us, we make a little progress and start attending church services and then (maybe) do what everyone at church seems to be doing. But that is not discipleship.

Foundations Checkpoints

Foundations is an 8-session, one-on-one “checkpoint” system designed to strengthen the fundamentals of our lives in Christ so that we build those lives on the rock of Jesus Christ. Checkpoints include deep dives on “Why we trust the Bible,” “Who is God the Father?” “Who is God the Son?” and “Who is God the Holy Spirit?” “How can I know for sure that I have peace with God (new life, salvation)?” and “How can I improve and get more consistent at spending time in the Word?”

We have trained mentors (“disciplers”) who will work through the 8-session process with you throughout the school year according to your schedule.

If you would like to be discipled, please get in touch with Nancy Baalke ( ).